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Kenneth Ostermann

Fleet Safety Officer
Ferguson Hauling Corporation

Kenneth Ostermann, our Fleet Safety Officer, brings to Ferguson many years of experience and expertise in the safe and effective operation of a diverse fleet. Kenny is well versed in compliance as pertains to all local, state and federal safety laws and initiatives. Kenny is a former Marine and retired NYC Police Officer, a background which has allowed him to hone his leadership skills. The list of his certifications is impressive. Kenny has been certified by New York State in the following areas: DWI Technician, Accident Investigator and Motor Vehicle Inspector. Ken is also a Certified Fork Lift Instructor and is OSHA CPR trained. Ken holds the following FDNY Certificates: P15, G35, G95.

Kenny is a devoted family man, father of two and grandfather of two. He likes to spend his leisure time with friends and family, most especially on his boat or motorcycle. When asked recently to give an impromptu one sentence biography of himself, his response was immediate and heartfelt, “I love this Country and most importantly I love my wife Donna and feel truly blessed with life.”

Kenneth Ostermann